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What we do

 Haven of Warriors

      Nevaeh's Kidz Conquering Cancer is now located at 619 S. 12th Ave in Edinburg, TX 78539. 

Our new Haven of Warriors provides a space for pediatric cancer support groups available to children of cancer, their parents, siblings, and loved ones, including an indoor/ outdoor area to host social interaction and activities for our children. It is a place for our board meetings to be held and an event-planning area for our fundraisers. Our home is also equipped with a project room where local groups and volunteer organizations can help us prepare our care packs, take on a project donation, or create up-lifting letters to place in our packages.

 During a child’s cancer battle multiple things are unexpectedly stripped away from their early lives but one specifically is their childhood. We are dedicated to restoring the quality of life back into the lives of cancer's youngest fighters.


 Support Groups

When a child has cancer, every member of the family needs support. Parents often feel shocked and overwhelmed following their child’s cancer diagnosis. Children feel confused, scared and unfamiliar of the situation that has arisen.  Our support groups are created to connect families facing similar challenges to unite and lean on one another during their time of need. We encourage families to dig deep for strength, reach out and let others become their support system. A variety of topics are available for families designed to educate them on childhood cancer and what to expect.



Care Packages

Our care pack program is open to all children affected by childhood cancer and is created to have essentials that children may need as they embark on their journey to conquer cancer during their treatment and life in remission. Our program is offered to any child with cancer in Texas and is filled with not only educational books on their diagnosis, but with toys and games that are entertaining during their hospital stays along with a cozy blanket and other take along essentials.

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 Care packages