Help for kids with Childhood Cancer

What We Do

Our Pediatric Awareness Campaign


By raising awareness of childhood cancer, we protect the children and improve their daily living while battling cancer. As part of the campaign, we have targeted our schools by educating principals, teachers and students encouraging them to promote awareness through campaign awareness projects. We have provided principals with a book "Educating a Child with Cancer" By the ACCO. In support of pediatric cancer awareness month, we have also created an annual 5K run. We believe it is important to know the facts about childhood cancer and why increased funding is so important.

Our hope and determination in providing the youth and community of today with the information and resources in timely manner, it will inspire them to use their talents and power to support this cause and make a difference today and for future generations.

AWARENESS brings FUNDING creates RESEACH brings a CURE.

helping kids with cancer

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educating about childhood cancer