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Effectiveness of Cause Marketing

consumers like cause marketing

89% of U.S. Consumers are likely to switch to a brand associated with a cause. Cause marketing can make all the difference with shoppers. Not only will it help you win the hearts and minds of undecided shoppers, it can even lead your competitors’ customers to switch to your brand.


Moms like produccts associated with a cause

93% of Moms are likely to switch to a brand associated with a good cause. Especially when the cause benefits children. A study shows that moms are the likely to make cause-related purchases. Moms purchased more cause-related products than the other demographics surveyed


Cause marketing can increase customer loyalty and trust

Cause marketing is one of the top ways to instill customer loyalty and trust. Want to keep the customers that you have? Consistent quality and good customer service are a great start, but no brand strategy will have the same kind of impact as supporting a good cause.

Partnering with NKCC can introduce new customers to you and help you seal your customer base.

partner with Nevaeh's Kidz Conquering Cancer

Partner with NKCC

There are many opportunities to partner with us:

  • Sponsor an event such as our 5k
  • Become a monthly donor
  • Contribute a one time donation

Please contact Ana Vasquez (956) 221-2464 for more details.

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