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Be Kind Give a Dime

Nevaeh’s Kidz Conquering Cancer would like for you to take part in our “Be Kind Give A Dime” fundraising campaign. We provide water bottles to you. We ask that your child bring in as many dimes as possible throughout the campaign to fill up the empty water bottle that will be in his/her classroom. Each filled water bottle equals $100!

Participation in the campaign will not only help raise money to help families fighting childhood cancer, it will help highlight the impact of cancer on young people and their families to those participating in the campaign.

be kind give a dime


Ramirez Elementary

Ramirez Elementary BKGDRamirez Elementary

Truman Elementary

Freddy Gonzalez Elementary

Jefferson Elementary

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Please contact Ana Vasquez (956)221-2464 if have any questions.

Annual Kids Get Cancer Too! 5K Run 

Watch for details in every September. 5k