Help for kids with Childhood Cancer

Who is Nevaeh's Kidz Conquering Cancer

Our Mission

To enrich the lives of children and families of pediatric cancer by providing a wide range of programs, guidance, support and helpful resources all while emphasizing advocacy and promoting public awareness.

Our Vision

Helping children and families at a time in their lives when other avenues of help and hope are out of reach. With great determination, we hope to empower, inspire, and encourage our community to get involved promote awareness and make a difference for children battling cancer.

Caring for children with cancer

Who We Serve

The program is open to all those mighty WARRIORS that are in active treatment from children and adolescents to their families that are living in the Rio Grande Valley without regard to religion, background, race, or ethnicity. Services and programs are provided at no cost to families.

Why We Were Created

Through personal experience we realized that the Rio Grande Valley does not have or offer services that other cities offer. As the fight began so did the search for services. It became a frustration along with the challenge of fighting to overcome and beat "CANCER". Many families here may receive treatment but after they leave the clinic or hospital they are left alone to fend for themselves. The lack of education and guidance of how to deal with the illness or understand what is to come. Feeling lost and scared with many questions and no answers was difficult. The support groups were not there. The guidance of how to deal with meal preps for cancer patients, the counseling for children to know why this is happening to them, the whys and hows we did not have. It was a feeling of darkness that could not be explained.


conquer childhood cancer